“We didn’t know anything about the event” – Libero Quotidiano


“We have never received official communication of sporting events or demonstrations on our territory”. He stated it Manolo Garosi, the mayor of Pienza, on the initiative that cost a very bad accident to Alex Zanardi, hospitalized in a pharmacological coma after a neurosurgery at the Siena hospital. An investigation has been opened and interrogations are underway with the organizers of the relay, sponsored and promoted by the Italian Cycling Federation. As evidenced by Corriere della Sera, the event had start, route, transit times and coded arrivals, like a real race, but it had no juridical connotation of race and not even of cycling event.

They were simple cyclists subject to compliance with the highway code. “It was to be an institutional greeting in the square,” revealed the mayor of Pienza: apparently neither the police headquarters nor the provincial command of the carabinieri had been informed of the demonstration. Among other things, Zanardi’s group was accompanied by one or more means of the city police: the Corsera called it a “escort as a courtesy and hospitality”Towards an illustrious athlete who however had no authority to regulate traffic. The provincial road 146 – on which the accident occurred – was open and people walked normally in both directions. For greater protection, the organizers should have asked Federciclismo for authorization to carry out an authorized event, but this is where the catch is: the request would have been rejected because until next August 1st no cycling event can take place on Italian territory.

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