“We deserved more but we have to score, tonight we paid dearly”


After the 3-3 draw against Sassuolo, Antonio Conte answers questions sent by journalists during the post-match conference:

In the end is it a fair result?

“I think we deserved much more for the opportunities created, for what we did. Sometimes good advice, sometimes imprecise. We took three goals and I don’t remember Handanovic saves, we have not capitalized. This is repeated and today we paid dearly for it. ”

How much does it make you angry and how much does it weigh in the ranking?

“There is a lot of disappointment on my part and my boys, when you play these games in which there is a great expenditure of energy and you have the chance to win despite the difficulties in midfield, with different defections even today, you have to take it home, forfeit the three points. Instead we did not do it today, sorry and annoying “.

Why does the killer instinct keep missing?

“I think it is very important to bring the players to shoot on goal, at the same time there are situations in which we have to score, closing the result. We are not doing it and today we paid dearly for it, the opportunities were there. Sorry because signs 4 minutes from the fic’è waste of energy, you have the chance to win despite the difficulties and you have to bring it home. Instead today we have not done and sorry, it bothers. We work a lot, sorry “.

Did the heat weigh?

“Today was very hot, then it depends on the characteristics of who is on the pitch. Sometimes someone is more geometric, others more competitive. But I’m happy with the performance of the boys, everyone gave their best but the details make the difference. We still we have to improve. ”

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