“We condemn racism and abuse of power”


in United States, the National Association of Evangelicals wanted to expose his regret after the death of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American who was brutally killed on May 25 by a white police officer a Minneapolis.

«Recent events regarding the unjust death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky and George Floyd show serious racial injustices across the American continent. ” This is the motive that pushed the NAE to raise its voice in such a tragic moment for the African-American community.

In their press release, they deplore “the recurrent trauma experienced by African Americans”, condemning “racism and abuse of power”. They ask for “justice for the victims and their families” and urge the churches to “fight the attitudes and systems that perpetuate racism”.

This is the denunciation that the American evangelicals have expressed, tired by now of a racist current that torments the Afro ethnic groups, without neglecting the integrity of the police: «We are grateful to the agents of the police that serve and honorably protect our community and we recommend our members to respect them in prayer. The good word of Jesus Christ has the power to break down racial and ethnic barriers ».

Finally, a request for tolerance and respect concluded the document: “No race or ethnicity is larger or more valuable than another. Racism must not be fought only after tragic events. Our faith communities must continue the efforts sustained in this work of love and justice “.

Filippa Tagliarino

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