“We attentive to distancing, in Rome turnout beyond expected”





Meloni: We watch out for distancing, in Rome turnout beyond expected

by Francesco Saita

“The gatherings in Piazza del Popolo? It is surprising that the coronavirus spreads only in cases of gathering of the center-right demonstrations and not in other events”. Giorgia Meloni says so, interviewed by AdnKronos, the day after the center-right event, convened for the Republic Day, in the sovereign square of Rome. The FDI leader replies to the accusations on the organization, on the distances that have been missing, on the people crowded and, in some cases, without masks. And use the irony: “It is a point – he adds on one-way polemics – that we put in the chapter on the peculiarities about the virus that scientists from government task forces will explain to us”.

Then the leader of the right explains: “Unfortunately, the gatherings were seen on the occasion of April 25, the arrival of Silvia Romano in Italy, the intervention of Conte at the inauguration ceremony of the last span of the Genoa Bridge, yesterday with the arrival of the President of the Republic Mattarella in Codogno, the epicenter of the epidemic, and in some situations at the demonstrations organized by the center-right “.

“We – he concludes – have made demonstrations throughout Italy, being as attentive as possible to dangerous situations, wearing masks and respecting social distancing. Unfortunately, we have not fully succeeded in Rome for the turnout beyond the expected and beyond that The Italians’ desire to participate, from Codogno to Rome, is the result of the government’s lack of responses “.

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