“We are working on a possible reopening plan. Critical moment, we will give operational instructions as soon as possible” – Sanremonews.it


“In the first place we must apologize for this silence. In the months of the pandemic we guaranteed emergency services and indifferent treatments, now from mid-May we are going to equip our centers with all the safety devices. During this period our call center has always been active, we have had a very high peak of calls received which has generated long waiting lines “. Thus begins the message written by Angel Lorenzo Muriel, founder of the clinics “Dentix” the clinics in the latter period at the center of a long cI laughed that he is exasperating hundreds and hundreds of patients.

In fact, since the world has been catapulted into the health emergency due to the covid-19 infection the clinics have never reopened. If an application for bankruptcy has already been filed in Spain, in Italy nothing has been known. Since May 4, the day when the government started phase two, Italian centers have no longer raised their shutters panicking patients. To Imperia, for example, a group on facebook was born, called “Dentix Imperia (and throughout Italy) – Class action” which today has over 600 members. Everyone has stipulated expensive financing, ranging from two thousand and even up to 15 thousand euros, many have already paid in advance for work they have not yet done. Many also those who remained with iInterventions and various services left in half and they are seriously concerned about their health.

So today the dental giant breaks the silence. Muriel, in the message published online, adds that there was precisely this silence for “allow, with all our strength, a possible reopening plan of the Dentix clinics. We have experienced, and are experiencing, a truly complicated and critical historical and business moment. We are carefully considering what is best to do, continues, having as main points of reference to protect employees and patients. We are working to ensure emergencies and restore the care you are entitled to from the moment you entrusted us. Nwe cannot deny reality. We can’t ignore it. We are working day by day, hour by hour, to study any solution that can guarantee a continuity path for Dentix. To protect your emergencies and plan a return to normal path. “

Muriel gives no indication if and when, at least in Italy, the centers will reopen but limit themselves to saying that “if at this moment you have an ongoing treatment, we inform you that lattention to patients will not change, when the company has the opportunity to open the clinics we will continue its treatments with the same quality and the same service that we have always offered. Dentix– he continues- it is was founded 10 years ago and in no time did we abandon any patients. Our goal is always patient satisfaction. We will do everything we can e we will notify you as soon as possible operating instructions. Thanking you for the comprehension– concludes the message- and the patience we send our best regards. “

Many are criticizing these words on social media. Words that ask for understanding and patience and that do not reassure citizens or provide information on the reopening plan. The reactions were not lacking and as expected, however, hundreds are determined not to continue economic and professional relations with “Dentix” rescinding the contracts, stipulated with the various finance companies, and above all in changing dentists.

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