“We are with you”, the police next to the protesters





We are with you, the police next to the protesters

Police officers from Coral Gables, Florida (Afp)

Cops kneeling in Coral Gables, Florida. Or in Brooklyn, New York. And then there is the sheriff from Flint, Michigan, who gives up his helmet and truncheon to march with his fellow citizens. The episodes in which law enforcement agencies in the United States express support for those who civilly protest after the death of George Floyd are multiplying.

The photo of the agents of Coral Gables, all kneeling on the street, has traveled around the world. As well as the words of Chris Swanson, Flint sheriff. “We want to be with you, really. I took off my helmet, they left the batons. I want this to be a parade, not a protest. These agents love you, they hug people. Tell us what to do”, Swanson’s words , to which the crowd replies with the chorus “march with you”.

Similar scenes in other parts of the country, particularly in New Jersey. In Camden County, agents marched past protesters to remember and pay tribute to George Floyd.

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