watch out for phishing, it’s a trap

4 raises the alarm to consumers, especially in reference to those who perform trading activity: in the last few days it turns aemail scam by Creditreform which, however, has nothing to do with the company, which specializes in «commercial information services, debt collection, marketing and VAT refunds worldwide».

L’phishing emails, in short, he asks to send a copy of his identity card, a “recent document of the last three months that his residence address is displayed” and a scan of his credit card so that he can receive a refund of the losses suffered inonline trading activity. However, it is clearly one fraud. Here’s how to defend yourself and how to recognize deception.

Creditreform, contacted by, has confirmed that it is a scam and rumored extraneous to the facts.

Refunds for online trading losses: the Creditreform scam email

The phishing email to which this scam is subject has the following incipit:

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Creditreform, Barclays banking group, works in foreign debt collection with a worldwide network of partner companies, subsidiaries and a network of lawyers selected for a long time, who are specialized in being able to proceed with civil cases in any commercial court in the world.

Based on:

Regulation (EU) no. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 relating to market abuse (market abuse) and amending Directive 2003/6 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Commission directives 2003/124 / CE, 2003/125 / CE and 2004/72 / CE

We are investigating and proceeding with the redemption for investors of online trading at companies reported by CONSOB.

  • CobraCFD Ltd
  • White Rock Partners Ltd
  • Vaneda Partners LTD and Zeus Partnership OÜ
  • Kleinman Enterprise Ltd
  • Global Top Marketing LTD and GPS Marketing Ltd

to which is added the following sentence, complete with a typo: For the complete and updated list by CONSOB click here.

The company that pretends to be Creditreform offers to help those who have experienced losses from online trading, even citing CONSOB and its communications regarding the legitimacy of some financial intermediaries. Leaving aside the actual presence of authorization to operate in Italy for these brokers, we clarify once again that it is a fraud and illegal phishing because, in the next part of the aforementioned email, the recipient is invited to provide a copy of the own identity document and credit card.

They pretend to be Creditreform and ask for ID and credit card

To start the refund procedure, they write in the scam email, it is necessary to send both their identity document and scan your credit card, accompanied by its own selfies where you hold your ID in your hand.

And that’s not all: it is also advisable to fill in the form found in the attachment,

The VAT number and the address shown in the email are those of the real Creditreform, but the scam becomes even clearer if you go to analyze the second one attached present in the electronic message.

It is a license to operate as a “debt collection agency”, issued by the Quaestor of the Province of Modena, in favor of an alleged Leonardo Pattelli, whose personal VAT number reported, however, corresponds to the VAT number of the real CREDITREFORM ITALIA S.R.L ..

How to defend yourself

If you receive this email, sent from the address [email protected], it is recommended that you immediately trash it and do not click on any link in the text. In addition, in this as in all other possible cases, it is recommended never to provide a copy of your identity card, credit card, correct account statement and other sensitive documents via email.

Finally, those who are victims of this scam are invited to report the scam directly to the Postal Police.

The editorial staff is willing to collect the testimonies of those who have fallen victim to this or other similar scam, continuing to commit themselves to offering educational information to their readers so that no one can fall into such a scam yet.

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