“Wait for me.” Insigne, the beautiful gesture that escaped many. But not to Napoli fans


Lorenzo Insigne has now a great maturity and a sensitivity as a true leader. And the team understood that.

Lorenzo Insigne, captain of the Naples, he was ready to raise the sky there Italian Cup just won in the final against the Juventus, after the penalties. With him, on stage, the whole team and also the President Aurelio De Laurentiis who, as always, loves to join his boys. After a few moments Edo also appeared, son of Aurelio and vice-president of the blue club, who hurried to get back into the happy picture. Someone was missing, however. “Wait“, a run to catch up with his teammates. It was Kevin Malcuit.

The Moroccan-born French footballer is recovering from a serious injury to the cruciate ligaments of his knee. But soon it could return to Gattuso’s disposal. Insigne, to prevent photographers from doing “to blow up“the flash bursts without the partner, waited before raising the trophy just to allow Malcuit to get on the awarding stage. A small gesture, which for some might be normal or, perhaps, insignificant, but which demonstrates the great compactness of this group that has finally found itself around a leader, Gattuso, who is building the new course on union and identity . And it also shows that Insigne finally has an overall attention to all the details that make the difference when wearing the captain’s armband.

Antonio Giordano, former footballer (with a past also in Serie D) and a big fan of Naples, writes us and confirms: “Insigne the Captain has the Cup in his hands, as has happened since 1958 thanks to the idol of Vasco da Gama Hilderaldo Bellini who was the first to raise a trophy to make it visible to all present, he is about to make the gesture of raising it, next to him also President De Laurentiis, various staff members, all smiling waiting for the gesture to explode with joy. Suddenly Lorenzo stops, there is something wrong, someone is missing, wait, you cannot celebrate if not all of them, the group is solid, cohesive, we lose and we win together: Malcuit is missing. Lorenzo is waiting for him, many call him back, Insigne is waiting for his team mate. All very nice “.

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