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Volkswagen is preparing to launch the 2020 version of the Tiguan on the market. The makeover the SUV of the German car manufacturer was anticipated by a first image a few months ago, with its official debut scheduled for the end of the year. Volkswagen has decided to trick the wait for the launch of the new Tiguan revealing some curiosities about this model, whose production of the first generation began in 2007, eight years before the debut of the second generation.

Volkswagen Tiguan, first image of the restyling

The great success of Volkswagen Tiguan is evidenced by the numbers: the SUV of the German brand reached its altitude last spring 6 million copies produced, placing itself at the top of the ranking of the best-selling cars by the brand and the Volkswagen group. Its sale was authorized by the German company in 80% of countries around the world, while its production takes place in three different continents. One of the significant peculiarities of Volkswagen Tiguan concerns the presence of three rows of seats, a characteristic common to all medium-sized SUVs and much less common to compact ones. It is an element of great uniqueness, as well as that related to panoramic roof available to all passengers in all rows. It is optimized aerodynamically and acoustically, and is composed of a glass panel that can be opened in the front and a fixed glass panel in the rear. Not only that, because it is also equipped with an electrically operated sun visor and a crush protection system.

Volkswagen, reduced production in Germany

Volkswagen Tiguan also excels in terms of connectivity and infotainment. On board, it is possible to create up to four user profiles, one of the driver and three of the passengers, to customize different settings such as radio preselection, the position of electrically adjustable seats, driver assistance systems or lighting preferences of the car. Particular mention also for the design of the SUV, which in the 2020 version will also bring the dowrySE R-Line Black set up with 20 ″ black aluminum alloy wheels, black bumper and R-Line badge and panoramic sunroof to name just a few equipment.

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