Volkswagen and Ford: details of the collaboration


TECHNICAL COLLABORATION ONLYFord Motor Company e Volkswagen AG have entered into agreements to expand the activities of their technical collaboration. Alliance that has its strengths in joint development of medium-sized pick-ups, as well as light and electric commercial vehicles. The deal was officially announced in July last year. This alliance excludes any type of share exchange or cross-shareholding between the two companies, which will therefore remain competitors on the market.

WHAT IT WILL PRODUCE – In particular, this partnership will create a partnership medium-sized pick-up designed and built by Ford: it will be sold in Europe by Volkswagen under the commercial name of Amarok starting from 2022. In addition, the commercial vehicle related activities of both companies will be strengthened as early as 2021: with a van for deliveries in the city derived from the Caddy, developed and built by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles section to subsequently become a van with the Ford brand. The agreement also provides for a electric vehicle Ford for the European market by 2023, derived from Volkswagen’s MEB platform, thus expanding the American company’s zero-emission offer in Europe.

CEO SATISFACTION – The CEO of the Volkswagen group Herbert Diess stated that in a such a delicate and troubled moment it is “more than ever essential to create strong alliances between strong companies”. And that this collaboration will significantly reduce development costs while allowing a wider distribution of electric and commercial vehicles in the world. Hackett: Why this partnership creates: “a huge opportunity to innovate and solve many of the challenges related to the world of commercial vehicles”.

FULL ELECTRIC – Ford also claims that full electric versions will arrive in the next 24 months Transit and for F-150. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, for its part, argues that this collaboration is a key element of the group’s strategy for the next five years. Strategy that will strengthen the German Group’s good position in the light commercial sector, especially in Europe.

LEBERS ON MEB BASE – From 2023, Ford it should be able to supply 600,000 electric vehicles derived from MEB platform of Volkswagen, which was designed to combine space and performance in electric-only mode. The vehicle, which will be designed and engineered by Ford in Cologne, will thus be added to the Mustang Mach-E, another zero-emission novelty, which will be introduced during 2021.

THE AUTONOMOUS GUIDE – In addition, both companies will collaborate with Argo AI (a company specialized in the design of technologies for vehicles in autonomous driving) to form new production realities, based on Argo AI technology. And in this regard, for the past week, the Volkswagen Group has concluded its agreement with Argo AI, the Pittsburgh-based company in which Ford already held a stake. The choice of Volkswagen and Ford to invest in a company like Argo AI is a further demonstration that it is possible to join forces to allow the development of innovative technologies that require time and great resources. And the global contribution of Ford and Volkswagen will allow the Argo AI platform to become the most important global reality in the field of autonomous driving.

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