Vodafone is the best mobile network in Italy! Here are the results according to Altroconsumo


Vodafone’s GigaNetwork is the best mobile network in Italy, at least according to the results Altroconsumo has carried out with its own tests on download and upload speeds but also internet browsing and video streaming. Vodafone, in fact, got the higher average score in the latest national ranking of “Che Banda”, the Altroconsumo app, which analyzed the performance of the main operators on the 3G, 4G and 5G networks (where present) between May 2019 and April 2020.

Vodafone: here are the results and how they were calculated

Vodafone therefore ranks first in the ranking based on the download and upload speed, the quality of online browsing and the viewing of streaming movies, confirming a record that had been assigned to the Italian red operator by Altroconsumo in 2018.
A recognition that rewards the quality of the Vodafone network especially in the most difficult period of all times, that is the lockdown due to the Pandemic from COVID-19 where users were stuck at home and where smart working was the master with the need therefore to have the maximum potential of the network.

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We remember that the ranking of Altroconsumo is the result of the average of the scores obtained by the tests carried out throughout Italy by the users of the ” Che Banda ” app. Specifically, here are the data collected in the period from May 2019 to April 2020 on over 24,000 users of the app who have performed an average of 4.8 tests, for a total of 117,000 tests.
The tests are of two types:

  • Just speed. In this case, only download and upload speeds are measured
  • Complete test. In addition to the previous two, the app measures the viewing quality of a video and the browsing quality on a dozen websites.

The results of these tests are computed with this formula:
SPEED = X% download speed (in kbit / s) + (100-X)% upload speed (in kbit / s)
QUALITY = X% video quality (% viewing without delays) + (100-X)% browsing quality (% browsing without delays)
The ranking published online in May 2020 is the result of the average of the scores obtained in the test carried out by all users of the CheBanda app from May 2019 to April 2020.

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