Vladimir Luxuria and the first fly, shocking confession to Pierluigi Diaco – Libero Quotidiano


Guest of Pierluigi Diaco to Me and you on Rai 1, Vladimir Luxuria it was told across the board. He explained that he has been single for a long time, but that he dreams of having a person by his side. “I am happy, but I realize that when I watch a love movie I cry very hard. I realize then that I am missing a piece,” he said. So Vladimir opened the drawer of memories: “But when I was with my first man, I suffered a trauma. I saw him as the prince charming, I would have moved that same day to him. Instead he the morning after our night together, he made me understand that he just wanted that and he is gone. I was traumatized. I tried to overcome the trauma with a psychotherapist, but still when someone shows interest in me, I am always afraid that he is pretending to be my first man, “he concluded. Words, those of Luxuria, which aroused the heartfelt and empathetic reaction of Diaco, who said to her: “I hope you will soon find someone up to your inner world, you deserve it”, words that have excited the study of Me and you.

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