Virus slows down in Brazil but continues in Peru and Chile. Usa closes again


Stop the Brazil, especially for the dead, but not Peru and Chile, so the pandemic from coronavirus it maintains its danger in Latin America where in the last 24 hours the infections have risen to 2,474,632 (+53,586) and the dead have reached 111,934 (+1,477). This is what emerges today from a statistical elaboration carried out by the Ansa on the basis of official data of 34 Latin American countries and territory. First among the nations of the region, Brazil confirmed 1,344,143 infections (+30,476) and 57,622 deaths, with an increase of 552 today. The South American giant is followed by Peru (279.419 and 9.317) and Chile (271.982 and 5.509) and seven other countries with more than 20.000 infections: Mexico (216.852 and 26.648), Colombia (91.769 and 3.106), Ecuador (55.255 and 4.429) , Argentina (59,933 and 1,232), Dominican Republic (31,373 and 726), Panama (30,658 and 592) and Bolivia (30,676 and 970). Brazil is the second country in the world by number of infections and victims after the United States.

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School, the CTS: “Lessons at 7 in the morning to decongest public transport”

The United States they recorded another 288 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, according to the Johns Hopkins University count. The world’s largest economy is the country most affected by the pandemic with 125,768 deaths in over 2.5 million cases, according to data from the Baltimore-based university. Los Angeles and six other Californian counties have been ordered to close again, while parts of the country reintroduce restrictive measures to try to stem the recent new leap of coronavirus infections.

Baby boomers on the horizon for the Philippines. The forecasts of the Institute for Population of the University of the Philippines and of the United Nations Population Fund (Unfa) indicate that 214,000 more children could be born next year, children of the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus emergency, which had serious repercussions also on access to family planning services, which are aimed in particular at the most vulnerable communities, children of unplanned pregnancies in a country with 107 million inhabitants. As we read in an article in the Guardian, this could lead to the highest number of births in 20 years: in fact, up to almost 1.9 million births could be registered in 2021, far more than in any year since 2000.

Australia. New anti-coronavirus lockdown measures could be imposed in Melbourne after 49 cases of Covid-19 were identified on Saturday, the highest number since last April. The Guardian reports it. According to the state health authorities of Victoria, this is not a “second wave” but Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced that he is considering whether to ask citizens to stay home in the next few days. In the rest of Australia the virus has almost completely disappeared. In the west of the country there was only one new case, in New South Wales three and they were all people who had returned from abroad. Zero infections in Queensland and the south. In Victoria there are 2,028 cases at the moment. To prevent the spread of the infections, the state has started carrying out carpet tests, 40,000 people have already been checked since Friday.

Beijing records seven new cases of local transmission of Covid-19 compared to 14 reported yesterday. The Chinese Capital Health Commission also reported a new case involving an asymptomatic subject and four other suspected cases. From 11 to 28 June, according to official data, 318 cases were confirmed in Beijing, where an outbreak in the Xinfadi wholesale market brought the alert to the highest levels after there were no cases of transmission for 57 days local. At national level, the health authorities reported a total of 12 new infections this morning: the seven in Beijing plus five ‘imported’, three of which in the province of Sichuan, one in Liaoning and the other in Shanghai. Official data indicate a total of 1,907 cases’ imported since the beginning of the health emergency with 84 patients who remain hospitalized. The National Health Commission budget also talks about 83,512 infections with 4,634 deaths and 78,460 healings.

The Pakistan it has recorded 3,557 new cases of coronavirus and 49 further deaths in the last 24 hours: the ministry of Health has announced today. The new data bring the total contagion balance to 206,512 and that of the dead to 4,167. In the most affected region, Punjab, the cases exceeded 8,000, while in the Sindh region they are at 74,778. To date, 95,407 people have healed, including 2,783 in the past 24 hours. At least 2,805 patients are in critical condition

There Libya in the last 24 hours it has counted another 35 coronavirus infections, which bring to 762 the total number of confirmed cases in the country. The Libyan National Center for Disease Control announced on its Facebook page today. At the same time, the death toll rose from 18 to 21 and the healed from 171 to 196. The head of the national disease control center of the city of Sabha, Fezzan, Abdel Hamid Al-Fakhiri, said the southern region has the most cases in the country.

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