Virus, a surge of infections in the United States


The number of infections from Covid-19 in the United States continues to grow: the fear is that there may be a second wave

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The Coronavirus seems to spread nonstop in the United States. Yesterday, according to the numbers reported by Johns Hopkins UniversityYes, almost 20 thousand new cases have been recorded which have brought the total number of infected people to 1,852,561, while the deaths have risen to 107 thousand.

In 19 out of 50 states, the average of new infections exceeded that of the previous week during the past week. The authorities warn about the possibility that the demonstrations for the death of George Floyd they could be the cause of a second wave of infections.

The number of cases in the world has now gone beyond 6.5 million. This is the number that emerges from the recent Johns Hopkins University count. The numbers released by the university report the infected subjects to 6,511,696 and the deaths to 386,073. There are 2,807,420 people healed worldwide.

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Virus, the contagion situation in Latin America

Virus surge infectious United States worrying scenario
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Increase the number of infected people COVID-19 also in Latin America. In the past 24 hours cases have risen to 1,136,034 (+46,555). The dead instead 56,426 (+2,195). This is the statistic elaborated by ‘‘Based on the numbers of 34 Latin American countries and territories.

At the top there is always the Brazil with its 584,016 infections (+46,555). We are talking about half of those in the region, while the dead are 32,548 dead (+2,195). In second place, albeit well spaced, we find the Peru with 178,914 infections and 4,894 deaths. Behind him the Chile (113,628 and 1,275).

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Virus surge infectious United States worrying scenario
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Among the states with over 5,000 infections there are also the Mexico (97.326 and 10.637), ecuador (40,966 and 3,486), Colombia (33.354 and 1.045), Dominican Republic (18.040 and 516), Argentine (19.268 and 583), Panama (14.095 and 352), Bolivia (10,991 and 376), Guatemala (5,586 and 123) e Honduras (5,527 and 225).

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