Virtus Bologna presents Awudu Abass and Zanetti teases Olympia Milano


Press conference in progress at Virtus Bologna. Present the patron Zanetti.

Massimo Zanetti (the literal statement): Β«Unfortunately many basketball teams have economic difficulties, and therefore it did not seem true to him that they could send everyone away and not pay. The majority wins, and therefore we had to accept. The more money society was fine with him to finish the championship because he had had a really bad season Β».

Luca Baraldi: Β«We are in constant contact with Bertomeu’s collaborators. They know all our projects, we are producing a business plan, then they will also decide on the basis of relations with the Panathinaikos Β».

Massimo Zanetti: Β«The team is made to go to EuroLeague. We are on a player, and Djordjevic said: “Hell, if you take this too I am forced to win” Β».

Awudu Abass: Β«Everything has its time. We were already ahead. The negotiation was long, but this is also part of the game. This is the market. Nobody ran after us, we did things calmly Β».

Luca Baraldi: Β«They were not economic issues. Abass needed to evaluate every technical aspect Β».

Massimo Zanetti: Β«The team could also remain like this. Let’s see if there will be another player. Since I am an optimist I said it, but it is not mandatory “.

Luca Baraldi: “The shareholder has an interest in evaluating the asset. It is clear that if we go to EuroLeague the roster can be enlarged numerically. The goals we had set ourselves, we achieved them ”

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