Virgin signs agreement with NASA to bring “private” astronauts to the ISS – Scientific News


Virgin Galactic has just signed an agreement with NASA to ensure that its astronauts can stay, and therefore train, on the International Space Station.
In the press release, which appeared on the website of the same company that has been competing with Elon Musk’s SpaceX for some years, it is explained that the agreement was made “to encourage commercial participation in the human orbital space flight to the International Space Station. allowing at the same time the development of a solid economy in the low Earth orbit “.

In this regard, Virgin itself will develop a new program thanks to which the candidates for the “visit” to the International Space Station will be identified, a sign of the fact that the company itself is trying to give an acceleration as regards the transport of human personnel in the space after SpaceX managed to transport NASA astronauts to the same ISS last May.

The same Virgin, among other things, in the same press release places itself in clear direct competition with SpaceX in relation to the transport not only of private individuals but also of NASA personnel: “As part of this partnership, NASA will exploit the commercial skills and knowledge of the Virgin Galactic industry. “
The ultimate goal, however, is to enter permanently in a real new sector, that of space tourism, in order to “bring the planetary perspective to many thousands of people”, as reported by George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin herself in the press release printing.

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