Village People versus Trump: ‘Don’t use YMCA and Macho Man’


Another artist sided with Donald Trump’s policy, the Village People singer wrote a message on his Facebook profile against the President of the United States of America
The list of artists who are writing messages in support of the Black Lives Matter protest is getting longer and longer, the last one in chronological order is Victor Willis, the group’s famous voice Village People.

Black Lives Matter, the message of Victoria Willis

Victor Willis, born in 1951, is the backbone of the American formation that has conquered the world with dance music, becoming also the standard-bearer of the LGBTQ + community.

In the past few hours Victor Willis wrote a post on his Facebook page to invite Donald Trump to stop using the group’s tracks for his public appearances, this is the beginning of the message: “If Trump orders the US military to open the fire against its citizens (on American soil), citizens will get up standing outside the White House and there will be so many that perhaps he may be forced to leave his post before the election. Don’t make him President! ”

Victor Willis: “Don’t use any of the songs in the band anymore”

Later Victor Willis added: “And I ask you not to use any of the group’s songs anymore at your meetings, above all Y.M.C.A is Macho Man. I’m sorry, but I can no longer turn away. ”

Black Lives Matter: the initiatives of famous people

In the meantime, many other well-known Hollywood faces have lined up on the front lines to support the protest Black Lives Matter. The first name is that of the singer of Stupid Love (PHOTO) who also transferred his Instagram account to some associations, we then saw Sophie Turner who took to the streets to protest and Dwayne Johnson who published a long message against Donald Trump on his Instagram profile which has more than one hundred and eighty-six million followers.

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