Video, here is the moment of the blitz with red paint against the statue of Montanelli Video


A protest that went viral all over the world thanks to social networks. And right on social media, the Milanese group that smeared the statue of Indro Montanelli claimed the action. The video of the moment of the blitz with black cans and red paint was shared by Rete Studenti Milano and LuMe (Metropolitan University Laboratory), who claimed the gesture against the disputed statue of the journalist, placed in the gardens named after him in the center of Milan.

The editorial: Oh vacaputanga, i negher del menga

The perpetrators of the vandal raid left four cans of red paint and paper bags on the spot. The images show two people with sweatshirts and hoods. In addition to the red ‘rain’, then cleaned up by the volunteers on Sunday, they write with the canister: “Racist, rapist”.

This is the statue at the center of many controversies in the city after the letter that the Sentinels wrote by sending it to the mayor Beppe Sala and to the city councilors to request its removal, recalling the episode of the “marriage” with an Eritrean girl during the war Ethiopia in the 1930s: a controversial episode in the biography of one of the “fathers” of Milanese and Italian journalism.

The Sentinels’ letter sparked many reactions in the city; politics, more or less bipartisan, expressed itself for the non-removal of the statue (starting with the mayor), even if there were no voices favorable to the removal, such as that of Patrizia Bedori of the 5 Star Movement.

The vindication message published on social media by Lume and Student Network Milan

“‘Italians do not learn anything from history, also because they do not know it’. These are the snooty words of the ‘greatest Italian journalist’ Indro Montanelli. We believe we have shown – on the contrary – to know her very well. We are convinced – they write in the note that accompanies the video – that, without a just critical review, history cannot be defined as such. It must be understood as living matter, subject to changes, and we cannot pretend not to know that the statues that celebrate its protagonists have a function collective social, because they occupy the public space representing what a ruling class decides to celebrate in its history “.

And they continue: “In such an important global moment – that from every part of the world sees us capable of breaking barriers and breaking down idols of a world that must no longer exist – we believe that figures like that of Indro Montanelli are harmful to the imagination of A colonialist who made slavery an important part of his political activity cannot and should not be celebrated in the public square. In a city like Milan, a gold medal in the Resistance, the statue of Indro Montanelli is a contradiction that does not we can accept more. ”

“The journalist, in addition to carrying out a strenuous campaign of apology for fascism, voluntarily enrolled during the Ethiopian campaign, a colonialist and slave campaign. Here – explain the students – he bought a” black face “named Destà, an Ethiopian girl only 12 years old, which he used without second thoughts as a real sex toy “.

“We ask, loudly and with conviction, the demolition of the statue in his name. We cannot accept – the conclusive request – that they be venerated as examples to imitate characters who made slavery, colonialism, misogyny, fascism and of racism a mentality with very few second thoughts. With this gesture we also want to remember that, as global movements such as Non Una Di Meno and Black Lives Matter have taught us and continue to teach us, all struggles are the same struggle, in an intersectional mechanism of transformation of the present and the future. If the world we want is slow in coming, we will change it. No more slavery. No more sexism. No more racism. ”

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