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Star Citizen continues its long path of evolution, at the same pace as the trend of crowdfunding funds, given that the game has now passed the $ 300 million collected by users, while the next news are illustrated in a new one video diary focused mainly on aliens.

While the funds available to developers have therefore reached a total of over 300 million (although of course it is a progressive calculation from the beginning of the crowdfunding, while a lot of money has already been spent on development), there are also 2,712,193 registered accounts to the gaming world, although it is possible that many of these were created with the frequent free trial period that have taken place in recent months.

In any case, further information on the performance of Star Citizen can also be drawn from the vision of the new video shown above. The “weekly round table” dedicated to the space simulation of Chris Roberts in this case is centered on aliens, which are obviously an important presence within a simulated universe as large as that of the game in question.

Let’s say it right away: in the hour of video you hardly see anything about the game, but there is only a long discussion of the developers who are part of the team dedicated to the narrative sector on various aspects of the construction of the Star Citizen universe, in particular for as regards precisely the creation of alien races and their characteristics.

The reason for the video is also to be found in the fact that today it is considered the “Alien Week” in the world of Star Citizen, or the period that according to the game’s fictitious timeline corresponds to when humanity had its first contact with one of the alien races present, the Banu.

In the meantime, Star Citizen continues to be a rather controversial project, with discontent that are also arising within the community due to the excessive slowness of the work. We also talked about Star Citizen Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded at the end of April.

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