via Amba Aradam becomes via George Floyd. Red paint on a statue at the Pincio


Red paint against the bust of Antonio Baldissera al Pincio, the streets of the San Giovanni area replaced with stickers bearing the name of George Floyd and Bilal Ben Messaud, then a banner at the height of the next Metro C ‘Amba Aradam’ station with the inscription: “No station has the name of oppression”.

This is the blitz claimed by the ‘Rete Stay Umani’ group, staged overnight in Rome. The state police investigated the case and alerted the urban decoration of Roma Capitale to remove the writings, stickers and clean up the smeared bust.

The Black Lives Matter blitz in Rome

‘Network Let’s Stay Human’, on Facebook, published the images of the night. Photos accompanied by a text with the title ‘Black Lives Matter: From the United States to the shores of the Mediterranean the protest will not stop’.

“Some of our streets recall shameful massacres committed by Italian soldiers in Ethiopia, such as via dell’Amba Aradam, some monuments instead confer eternal glory on men guilty of the worst atrocities towards mankind; this should reinforce a narrative that continues to deny the violence that it characterized the colonial expansion of European countries, including Italy, and goes to celebrate and justify white supremacy “, reads an excerpt from the text.

“Today we change our name in via dell’Amba Aradam and off the Amba Aradam and we name them after George Floyd and Bilal Ben Messaud, who died in Porto Empedocle on May 20, 2020 while trying to reach land, fleeing forced confinement by ship. away to these two figures to unite the struggles against racism on both sides of the Atlantic “.

Who was Antonio Baldissera

Antonio Baldissera was an Italian general and is a symbol of colonialism. He commanded the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment stationed in Florence from Colonel in 1886 from where he reached Eritrea, framed in the ranks of the Asinari column of San Marzano.

Subsequently he was commissioned to reorganize the colony and gave March 4 (in the aftermath of the defeat of Adua) Baldissera became governor general of Italian Eritrea managing to stop the advance of the Ethiopian forces. He was appointed senator of the Kingdom in 1904.

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