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The eve of the first race of this 2020 World Championship cannot be the same as in previous years for Sebastian Vettel, and not just for all the aftermath that the pandemic has brought with it. For the four-time world champion, the last championship behind the wheel of the Ferrari. For the German the desire to go back to running is very high: “It’s no mystery that we are all extremely keen to get back on track – he confirmed – because it’s been a long time since we stopped. At the beginning we took advantage of the break, since usually we are always around the world and we have little time for our families and friends, but the time has come to go back to racing “.

Binotto: “In Austria the same end-of-test configuration”

In Austria Vettel never won, winning a second place in 2017 as the best result. However, the 32-year-old from Heppenheim owned the track owned by his former team, Red Bull: “The Austrian track is like a carousel that turns very fast, but I like it a lot, also because you compete on the high ground and I love the mountains – has explained –I’m ready to give my best, even if it won’t be the same without the fans to support us “. The biggest curiosity will naturally be to see him in comparison with his teammate, Charles Leclerc.

Brundle: “Vettel will fly in this 2020”

In Maranello, however, the main concern is to be competitive with the other two top teams, Mercedes is Red Bull, which in the February tests had seemed faster. From this point of view, Vettel has no illusions, but neither does he announce an early surrender: “We must be realistic thinking about what the values ​​expressed by the tests are – He admitted – but this is not why we leave defeated. It will also be particular to play two races in a row here: this means that the following week we will have a lot more data to rely on. The first weekend will be key in function of the second “ he concluded.

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