Very Mobile also against iliad: unlimited minutes, unlimited sms and 30 Giga for 4.99 euros per month –


From today 19 June 2020, except for any changes, even new customers Very Mobile that come from iliad have the opportunity to activate the offer, online and in participating telephone retailers Very 4.99 with unlimited minutes, unlimited sms and 30 Giga per month of mobile internet traffic.

In detail, the Very offer 4.99 expected unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS towards all e 30 Giga of data traffic. Navigation is up to 4G on the WindTre network with speeds of up to 30 Mbps for download and upload.

Now, the price of 4.99 euros per month for new numbers and for customers from the following operators: iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile, BT Enia, CoopVoce, Digi Mobil, Green Telecomunicazioni, LycaMobile, NT Mobile, Optima, Uno Mobile, WithU, BT Italia, Daily Telecom Mobile, Enegan, NoiTel, NTMobile, Rabona Mobile, Tiscali, Welcome Italia and others Virtual operators. Semivirtual ho are excluded. and Kena Mobile.

For customers from instead TIM, Vodafone, Iliad, ho. mobile and Kena Mobiland, the offer includes the same bundle but it costs 11.99 euros per month.

The only difference in the components of the two offers lies in the EU roaming traffic, due to the different monthly price which directly affects the formula EU regulation in this regard: the offer at 4.99 euros per month in fact provides 3.3 Giga of EU Roaming data traffic every month, while the offer at 11.99 euros per month provides 5.7 Giga in EU Roaming. The minutes and SMS components can be used instead under the same national conditions.

In both cases, the cost of activating the offer and the cost of the SIM are in promotion a 5 € instead of 9.99 euros. In case of online purchase on the official Very Mobile website, shipping is free.

As reported in the contractual conditions of “Switch to Very“(Present on the operator’s official website), customers who request portability for a number not belonging to Wind Tre Spa and which has been activated on the Wind Tre Spa network in the thirty days prior to the MNP request will be charged an amount of 19 euros.

Very Mobile is the semi-virtual of Wind Tre and the brand of its shareholder VIP-CKH Luxembourg.

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In all the above offers remain included the services I searched for you and RingMe for free, which allow you to be informed of calls received with the phone off or unreachable, and to reserve a call to a number that is temporarily unreachable.

In addition, it is possible to restart the offer at any time with the service Renew now, which allows you to advance the renewal by paying the expected monthly cost for get the whole bundle again for a new monthly cycle. The premium services are blocked, which can be reactivated by the customer through the App.

Very Mobile offers can be activated online and in shops with a residual credit charge. In case of insufficient credit for renewal, the customer will be notified via SMS and will not be able to use the offer until he recharges the amount sufficient to cover the renewal.

The VoLTE service is active free of charge for all Very Mobile customers equipped with terminals capable of supporting this technology and which are certified by the same mobile operator.

Update. Thanks to Davide and Simone for the reports.

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