Veronica, sprinkled with alcohol and burnt alive by her husband: died in her mother’s arms


Sprinkled with alcohol and set on fire by her husband. Thus died atrociously Veronica Soulè, 31 years old.

Her husband Lisandro Cabala was arrested for his murder: he tried to defend himself by saying that his wife had set herself on fire, that he had tried to put out the fire, but did not convince the judges. He was arrested for murder.

It happens in Casas, Argentina.

The victim’s mother, who lives in the house next door, raised the alarm. Several neighbors say they heard several screams coming from the house, then the man went to his mother-in-law’s house and told her that Veronica had set herself on fire.

Rescue was immediate, when Mum went to the house she found Veronica in the bathroom in a pool of water and ash. The young woman, passed out in her mother’s arms, was immediately taken to the hospital but the burns were very serious and she died shortly thereafter.

Before losing consciousness, she told her mom that her husband wanted to take her children away, and the woman told the police everything. He, arrested, continues to deny. He suffered severe hand burns.

(Unioneonline / L)

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