Veronafiere, in 2019 turnover rose to 105.5 million


VERONA (ITALPRESS) – The shareholders’ meeting of Veronafiere Spa has approved the financial statements as at 31 December 2019. The parent company Veronafiere Spa recorded revenues of 91.8 million euros, an increase of 9.4 million (+ 11.4% ) on the previous year. Ebitda stood at 22 million euros with an incidence of 23.9% on revenues and the net result was positive for 10.8 million euros.
At consolidated financial statement level, the revenues of the Veronafiere Group reached 105.5 million euros, with growth of 12.7 million (+ 13.7%) on 2018, an Ebitda of 13.7 million euros (13 % of turnover) and a group net profit of 550 thousand euros.
Furthermore, in 2019 the perimeter of the Veronafiere Group’s subsidiaries, affiliates and associates expanded thanks to the acquisition of Eurotend spa and Int.Ex Spa, companies active in the marketing, design and production of fittings, and the creation of the newco Veronafiere Asia Ltd, to oversee the Far East markets.
In 2019 the Veronafiere exhibitions totaled 1,176,111 visitors, of which 173,409 from abroad (14.7% of the total); 13,338 exhibitors, including 2,473 foreigners (18.5% of the total); over 760 thousand square meters sold. The conference activity during the year recorded 262 events, with over 94 thousand participants.
The international events organized in Italy showed an average of over 30% of foreign buyers and professional operators, with peaks of 62% in the case of Marmomac and 39% with Vinitaly.
In total, 35.4 million euros of investments made in 2019 by Veronafiere Spa, mainly aimed at the requalification of the infrastructures, the enhancement of the services and its successful brands, the digital development and new exhibition projects.
“The results achieved in 2019 were possible thanks to the ability of the Veronafiere Group to further optimize the direct management and coordination of 71 events, including 47 in Italy and 24 abroad, in 14 countries: Holland, United States of America, Brazil, Canada, China, Poland, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, Peru, Russia, England and Hong Kong “, reads a note.
“The 2019 results are very positive and in line with the 2019-2022 business plan. The first part of the current year also saw double-digit growth over the same period of the previous year, until the entire international exhibition system was blocked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Veronafiere reacted immediately and today it is ready to restart safely with strategies and tools to ensure business for our production sectors “, underlines Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere Spa.
“The global exhibition tool generates a total value of over € 250 billion; fairs are the only international promotional tool for over 75% of Italian and European SMEs – he continues -; the international exhibitions in Italy generate 50% of the exports of our small and medium-sized enterprises and produce a fundamental supply chain for the commercial and artisan activities of the areas where they take place. Now is the time to rewrite the rules of European competition, which in this matter are absolutely discretionary with countries that have well understood the value that the exhibition asset represents for the industrial sectors of reference and the territories. It is essential that institutions in this historical moment react to protect a key lever for the country’s economic and social recovery. “
“2019 was an important year for the development of the Veronafiere business, both with regard to the core business and for the implementation of important services for the same business, such as the set-up services that brought turnover and profitability to the group. In addition, important investments were made to enhance the exhibition infrastructure, also in an increasingly digital perspective – highlights Giovanni Mantovani, general manager of Veronafiere Spa -. On the foreign front, the company in China has been activated and will start operating already in the autumn of 2020 and this is a great result from an international strategic point of view for the Veronafiere Group. In fact, according to the IMF, Asia will be the engine of the post-Covid recovery and China, which will close 2020 with an estimated growth of 2% compared to the Western economies expected to fall sharply, will be the center of growth for all countries ASEAN “.

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