Verona, blitz against the ‘ndrangheta – And the two arrested said: “Miglioranzi and Tosi we have them by the balls”


Galeotta was the photograph that in the middle of the campaign to elect the mayor of Verona portrayed, in 2017, the candidate Patrizia Bisinella sitting at the bar with Vito Giacino, former deputy mayor of the city arrested and convicted of bribery. A low blow because the senator, elected with the League in 2013, she was Tosi’s partner and applied for the “Fare!“Founded by the former mayor, former secretary of the Liga Veneta-Lega Nord and expelled from the party. A lightness that meeting, bounced on Facebook and immediately heralded by supporters of Federico Sboarina, candidate of the center. Evidently Tosi decided to understand who had taken that picture. Who were his enemies. And he decided to entrust the task to a private investigator.

Here is the premise of the charge number 70 of the order that sent prisoners of the ‘Ndrangheta to prison, accused of an infinite series of crimes, but above all of having obtained authoritative support in the Scaliger administrative power. The embezzlement hypothesis concerns 5,000 euros with which the investigator Angela Stella Sole (also investigated) was paid. An invoice was cleared from Amia, the municipal waste management company, headed by Andrea Miglioranzi, former right-wing member of the city council, who has now ended up under house arrest for relations with exponents of the gang and attempted corruption. A Miglioranzi is contested by the prosecutor, together with the technical director Ennio Cozzolotto, the external competition in the association that revolved around Antonio Giardino. Although on this point the judge for preliminary investigations, Barbara Lancieri, did not accept the request.

But in the episode about Tosi – which says “I will come out totally foreign, as in all other occasions “ – the accusation is that the investigation by Veneta Investigazioni it was paid with public money, an invoice that simulated a service for Amia. Tosi is referred to as the “instigator” of the payment, Miglioranzi the material executor and a third person, Nicola Toffanin as a mediator. Toffanin is known as “the lawyer”, local representative of the gang, who organizes business. Reached by, Flavio Tosi had fallen from the clouds. He didn’t know he was being investigated. Yet his name occurs in some significant parts of the ordinance that draw the relations of the gang with the Veronese political environment.

INFILTRATIONS – The judge dwells on the relationship between Miglioranzi (today of Fratelli d’Itaia) and Cozzolotto with Toffanin and Francesco Vallone, owner of the “Fermi” Study Center. Amia allegedly financed, according to the investigators’ hypothesis, fake professional courses, facilitating the achievement of qualifications for members of the gang. Toffanin and Miglioranzi had the “same political frequentationsInvestigators write. Vallone, according to the accusation, won because he provided the lowest offer, thanks to the help of his accomplices. “Toffann and Vallone would have shared the fees for the courses never held”, about 10 thousand euros. And Miglioranzi had immediately received 3 thousand euros. Toffanin says of Miglioranzi: “I took him by the balls! … But not only him! But I also have Tosi for the balls“. Vallone: ​​“At the moment, there are more Miglioranzi than Tosi. We take it wherever we want and it always feeds us! Always!”. In the talks we talk about money and procurement, also for mowing grass or interpreters. In perspective, a wide circle. According to the investigating judge, however, there is no evidence that the two of the Amia knew that the others had referrals in the ‘Ndragheta, but the latter were intended to infiltrate the public administration.

PHOTOS AT THE BAR – Toffanin also worked for the detective agency that helped Tosi with the photos. On 1 July 2017, at 5 pm, he meets Tosi in a bar, also available for Miglioranzi. Then, intercepted, he tells his wife: “… Tosi told him (to Miglioranzi, ed.) ‘give me a hand to pay‘. Because he claims that role there, he is there thanks to him so if he needs money he asks for it! … that is, he has to put the 5,000 euros “. In short, the invoice must be made to the Amia. But only half. Tosi pays the rest. The magistrate notes: “Toffanin confirms that he has received the sum from Tosi and that the money it was tied with a band with the stamp of Verona-Fiere“. Amia used as an ATM? The judge adds: “The elements gathered, although it can undoubtedly be said that open one rather sinister gash on the conduct of Miglioranzi and on any intelligence with the former Mayor of Verona, Tosi, does not appear, at present, sufficient to complete a circumstantial picture: they can and will have to be better explored in a subsequent investigation phase, by means of a check on the financial statements of Amia “.

Toffanin is a character to be discovered. At some point he worries that some “deep throat” may tell of his frequent visits with the Calabrians. And he thinks about getting a safe conduct. The magistrate writes, based on the interceptions: “Toffanin hypothesized to sell information on the account of the former mayor of Verona Tosi to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, suggesting that he even had audio and video that would nail the former Mayor of Verona to his responsibilities: material that man would be willing to make available to the Prosecutor in exchange for their goodwill. ”

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