Venezuela, 31 tons of Maduro gold in a treasure chest in London: legal battle to bring them back to Caracas


The dispute has been going on for almost two years, but gold remains in the dark, sealed in a caveaux of the Bank of England (Boe). These are the 31 tons deposited by the Central Bank of Venezuela (Bcv) in the coffers of the British institution for which the legal battle will begin tomorrow in a commercial court of the City. A thousand million dollar reserve of which the president Nicolás Maduro claims “legitimate ownership”, while the self-proclaimed opposition leader, Juan Guaidówants to prevent it from returning to the Chavista leader.

A complex issue that he also talks about John Bolton, former National Security Advisor of Donald Trump, in his book The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, coming out in the United States. There he remembers that the former British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, visiting Washingtonhe said he was “happy to to cooperate for initiatives that could lead, for example, to freezing the gold deposits of Venezuela in Bank of England“.

The vertices of the BCV is Maduro from the end of 2018 they solicited the return gold, but things got complicated after that in January 2019 Guaidó he proclaimed himself interim president, recognized by dozens of countries, including the USA it’s the same Great Britain.

Recently, once again, the government of Caracas asked the British buoys to “urgently” release the gold to sell it and pay the proceeds to a special fund of the United Nations Development Program (PNUD) who will use it to finance pandemic fight projects from coronavirus in Venezuela.

Formally the top management of the banking institution of London they say they do not want to take possession of the gold, but that they have concerns about the return, given that its filing was yes made by the government of Maduro, but in the meantime things have changed because the Great Britain recognizes the authority of Guaidó. Government lawyers Venezuelan will confirm in the hearing that the sale of gold to humanitarian purposes is urgent while the leader’s lawyers opponent will claim control of it to prevent the proceeds from being used by Maduro to cover debts with his allies.

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