Vatican, the Swiss judiciary seizes the accounts of Monsignor Perlasca and all suspects of the investigation into the London building


A 15 million extortion at the Vatican. It is the hypothesis that emerges from the investigation that led to the arrest of Gianluigi Torzi as part of the investigation into the purchase of the Sloane Avenue building in London by the Holy See, and to the seizure in Switzerland of accounts with millionaire deposits , one of which in the availability of Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, head of investment for the Vatican Secretariat of State.Monsignor Perlasca and Fabrizio Tirabassi, heads of the administrative office of the Vatican Secretariat of State, are being investigated by embezzlement in competition with Gian Luigi Torzi and Raffaele Mincione in relation to the investment of 454 million euros deriving – according to Vatican investigators – from the donations of the ‘Obolo di San Pietro, in the availability of the Secretariat of State and owned by the latter with the aim of supporting the activities for religious and charitable purposes.
In particular, the 4 are contested by Oltretevere’s power of attorney for having allowed Mincione to “appropriate by converting it to its own profit” of part of the liquidity paid into the Athena Capital Global Opportunities Fund (managed by him through Athena Capital Fund Sicav) for a total, according to investigators, of over 200 million.Torzi, a Molise broker, according to the prosecution’s reconstructions, allegedly came into contact with the Secretariat of State to help resolve the impasse of participation in the Athena fund. The broker now under arrest, however, according to the accusations, would soon have turned into the man capable of keeping the secretariat of state in hand until he completed an extortion of 15 million. In
In particular, Torzi would have retained one thousand shares (the only ones with voting rights) of the company without letting the Secretariat know, thereby effectively preventing the Vatican (to which he had sold 30 thousand shares but without voting rights) to dispose of the building.

At the request of the promoter of Vatican justice, the Swiss judiciary also seized the accounts of Torzi and Tirabassi, those of the financier Mincione and Enrico Crasso, manager of the Obolo di San Pietro

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