Vanvitelli University study on Covid-19: in addition to drug addicts, those with type 1 diabetes get less sick


There is not only the mystery rheumatoid arthritis who sees the sick of this autoimmune pathology less affected by the COVID-19 or that of the tossiciodipendenti which is also being investigated as they would appear to be protected by the Coronavirus but now it emerges that also type 1 diabetes, the one developed on an autoimmune basis, would have a protective role against Sars Cov-2. The study in this case is from Campania, of the Vanvitelli University, in collaboration with the Italian scientific society of endocrinology and pediatric diabetology. The study shows that children with diabetes 1, the autoimmune type, are spared from CoVid-19 infection and if they take it they contract it in a non-serious form and without respiratory complications. This is what emerges from a study carried out by the Pediatric Diabetes Center “Stoppoloni”, conducted by Dario Iafusco, and Angela Zanfardino, was recently published in the scientific journals Journal of Pediatrics and Medicine Hypothesis.READ ALSO Movida in Naples, arrests while doing the slalom with the car in via Caracciolo

In Campania there are about 2 thousand people suffering from type 1 diabetes, a disease that develops in children or adolescents, of which about a thousand are patients of the Vanvitelli Center. Research shows that CoVid-19 infection appears to be “unusual” in minors with type 1 diabetes although they are “a fragile population”. ” The immune system of patients with type 1 diabetes – explains Iafusco – is hyperactive towards virus as well as against the Ebola virus. We believe this is partly due to the peculiar immune condition that leads to the destruction of beta cells. ” Traditionally, human immunity to foreign antigens depends critically on the Th1 and Th2 immunity balance. Th1 immunity, prevalent at a young age, is mainly proinflammatory, mediated by T lymphocytes and modulated by IL-6 and gamma interferon among other molecules and – it is evident – ” his way of acting is against pathogens that they require internalization, as in the case of coronavirus. ” The transversal observation was carried out in Alghero, in Sardinia, during the epidemic period and where there are the highest concentrations of type 1 diabetics and has ascertained that only one adult person has been infected among this population of patients with diabetes presenting, among other things, a non-serious form.


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