Valle Aurina, betrayed by the solo excursion: it plunges 50 meters into a ditch


“Woman who does not feel pain when the cold reaches her heart.” Two days ago Elisa Mia Martini’s words whispered before the icy splendor of lNeves needle nestled in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. The passage of the song “Woman” he had also chosen it to accompany the photo published on his Instagram profile «madame_lizzie». A few hours later a crevasse in the Ahrntal Valley will open a gash in the hearts of her children, her family and all those who loved her. Elisa Montanucci, 40 years old, residing in Casale sul Sile (Treviso), he lost his life by sliding 50 meters in a ditch at 2,400 meters above sea level in Sant’Antonio. Mom, career manager, passionate about travel, basketball, music and poetry: a brilliant woman with multiple interests.

Two children, Tommaso and Leonardo aged 8 and 10

Perhaps she died looking for the perfect corner of nature to combine with the next photo on her Instagram profile. Tuesday afternoon she had decided to move away from her husband Fabio Boscolo and two children Tommaso and Leonardo aged 8 and 10 to walk alone towards Lake Gries. The little ones were tired. At 6pm her husband, not seeing her return and having no contacts on WhatsApp for two hours, raised the alarm. Immediately 18 men of the Alpine Rescue moved and asked the air support of the Aiut Alpin Dolomites helicopter. All the paths were beaten and the other hikers listened to, but Elisa’s smartphone was fundamental for the discovery: at 20.30 the geolocation returned to a precise position allowing the helicopter to recover the now lifeless body. Elisa, a graduate in mathematics, was a highly appreciated manager in the banking sector. He started in 2007 as a risk analyst with the Intesa Sanpaolo group and then moved to the Banca Popolare di Verona branch in the center of Treviso with the qualification of Credit Risk and Rwa Analyst.

Originally from Umbertide, in Umbria

Later she had dealt with managing the customer sector. Lastly, she had moved to the associated Banca Aletti as an assistant private banker for the branches of Treviso and Mestre. «You will love many people in your life but you will not love any person like me and Peter. Your brothers. Elisa always told me ». To write it on Facebook his sister Maria, destroyed by pain. “You inspired me like nobody in my life. A few days ago you told me to give a damn about everything and to start living happy but without you how can I ever be happy? Hello my little sister, with all the love and pain of this world “. Elisa, originally from Umbertide, in Umbria, where her parents and a brother live, she had moved to Veneto precisely for the love of Boscolo after living in Spain and Milan. “He loved his children – says his friend Laura – who he followed everywhere on the rugby fields. I think of them … it’s all so painfully incredible. “

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