UWP files, a new open-source and modern File Explorer for Windows 10: how to download it


UWP files an app for file management for Windows 10, which arises to alternative to File Explorer integrated. Compared to the latter, which offers a user experience designed primarily for the mouse and keyboard, Files UWP is more modern through the extensive use of the Fluent Design. It is a third-party app, therefore not developed by Microsoft, which also offers the user some additional functionality such as tabs to navigate simultaneously in different instances.

At the time of writing UWP files it can be installed simply through the Microsoft Store (click here for download) and promises, according to what was declared by the developer Luke Blevins, “unrivaled performance in accessing files”. We tried the app for a few minutes and we can confirm, with the experience of using the app that seems lightning fast for each operation. Stability still to be refined: during use we have seen some crashes.
The sometimes unpredictable behavior of the executable justifiable, however, with the fact that UWP files still in preview version. The app is also open-source and the complete source code available on GitHub at this address, where the community can support development through feedback or requests. Present todayimplementation of OneDrive, although the developer has promised that the next improvements will come precisely in this area.

The search options and WSL support are also on the app, with the preview phase that should end already within a few months. To date difficult to recommend UWP files compared to file explorer, which has been doing its duty well for years, however it is an interesting project for those who appreciate Fluent Design and intend to make the Windows 10 experience as coherent as possible, which still today is rather interspersed on several different styles.

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