Ustica, Mattarella on the 40th anniversary of the massacre: “Search for truth is a fundamental duty. Allied countries collaborate”


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Forty years after massacre of Ustica, in which they died 81 people, the “Duty of the search for truth” it remains “fundamental for the Republic”. The last call for full light on the scheduled flight IH870 of the airline Itavia, directed to Palermo Punta Raisi and sunk in the Tyrrhenian Sea, he arrives at the head of state Sergio Mattarella. The President of the Senate also joined the warning from the President of the Republic on the anniversary of the tragedy, Maria Elisabetta Casellati, and the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, which as Mattarella asks “Clarifications” to allied countries, in particular USA is France.

“The massacre that took place in the sky of Ustica on the evening of June 27, 1980 is imprinted in the memory of the Republic with characters that cannot be deleted “, recalls the President of the Republic, pointing out that for one “full and unambiguous” reconstruction “open air” is also required cooperation of the Allied Countries “. Forty years after the events in the Tyrrhenian Sea, says Mattarella, “we feel even stronger solidarity bond with the families of the 81 victims and we join in the memory of those who then lost their lives, with one deep wound in our national community. ”

“The sharing of so much pain – observes the President of the Republic – was and is also a reason for witness and of civil commitment. The picture of responsibility and the circumstances that provoked the huge tragedy still do not appear yet recomposed in a full and unified way. However much road has been traveled after that reticence is opacity had been placed in the way need truth, incompressible for one democracy and a rule of law. ”

What has been reconstructed so far, he adds, has been possible thanks to “tenacity and professionalism of men of the state “who” have allowed to clear up mists “and also” thanks also to the determination and to civil passion the families of the victims and those who supported them in the institutions and in society “. A commitment to seek “what still does not appear defined in the events of that dramatic evening” that “Cannot and must not cease”Mattarella says again. “To find decisive answers, reaching their full and unequivocal reconstruction requires the commitment of the institutions and theopen collaboration of Allied countries with which we share common values ​​- he concludes – Il duty the search for truth is fundamental for the Republic “.

“Ustica deserves justice,” says Senate President Casellati, recalling that “every day without truth about the Itavia DC-9 disaster represents a defeat for Italy and its institutions “. “I really wanted a meeting of the Presidential Council for the declassification from proceedings but unfortunately, despite my goodwill, a has not been achieved agreement”, adds the second office of the state returning to the cross accusations of the past few days. “I hope you get to one soon definition needed to ascertain the facts and help do that clarity that the whole of Italy claims “, concludes Casellati.

Fico instead recalls that “after 40 years there is not reason of state that holds “and, on the one hand, remember that “Pieces of the state know the truth” and “The time has come to speak”, on the other hand, calls for “unceasing” diplomatic work, asking for “clarifications from the USA and France”. It is clear that Ustica is one immense wound for our whole country, “said the President of the Chamber, speaking of the massacre as one “State matter”, on which the country must “do much more for everyone”. The research, he added, “will continue until the last decree” because a “state that is unable to do truth he can’t really be democratic about himself. ” After four decades ”we want to know which ones hunting they were close “to DC9 and those who “pressed that button,” added assuring his commitment “until the results we set ourselves are achieved”.

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