Ustica 40 years after the massacre, Roberto Fico “The time has come to speak”


Bologna, 27 June 2020 – i 40 years of the Ustica massacre. The President of the Chamber also arrived shortly after 10 am, Roberto Fico, to take part in the meeting with the relatives of the victims in Palazzo d’Accursio. Next to him also to the mayor Virginio Merola and the president of the association relatives victims of the massacre, Daria Bonfietti. The President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, also welcomes the third office of the State.

“The time has come to speak”, said Fico. “The truth came in part thanks to the strength of the families of the victims.” “It is our duty to resolve these painful events, a democratic state must demand the truth. We want to know what hunting they were close to DC9. To restore dignity to families. “And then the thrust:” It must be a matter of state and the whole state must feel the profound meaning of this wound. We are a large country, a strong republic, but we must all do much more on this matter. We will go on until the last document is decreed “, promises Fico who launches an appeal:” Who knows how to speak “and adds:” To allied foreign States such as the France or the United States of America we ask for substantial answers and therefore we still need to do diplomatic work which is still very important by saying that relations are maintained and are held deep even on mutual loyalty with respect to these events “.

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From Bologna, on the day of the fortieth anniversary, the government is urgently asked for an intervention on the ‘friendly’ countries to get the truth about what happened in the skies of Ustica on June 27, 1980, a few weeks before another massacre, that occurred on 2 August 1980 again in the Bologna station. “Now in this 2020, we ask our government: help this community identify planes around DC9. We give an identity and flags to everything that was in the air on the night of June 27, “says Mayor Virginio Merola, now giving as clarified the reconstruction made by the judge Rosario Priore, according to which the ruling the DC9 was shot down during a military action in the skies between NATO forces and Libyan hunts. “It is a question of national dignity, as Daria Bonfietti has said many times. Roman magistrates cannot work without the government obtaining from friendly and allied countries to contribute actively to resolving the question of the nationality of those planes,” reiterates Merola.

“It was an act of war in peacetime. This was the massacre of Ustica and for this reason this community, relatives and all citizens of Bologna, will not leave you alone and will not have peace until there is complete truth “, assures the mayor during the remembrance ceremony which took place this morning at Palazzo D’Accursio and in which the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico participated. “I have read in these days that as every year, as we approach this date, the word mystery returns. On Ustica there is no mystery. It has been clear since the Prior Judge issued his sentence that it happened that night. Today to close the circle there is only one way: to make available to the judiciary, the Rome prosecutor’s office, which reopened the investigation after President Cossiga accused the French of any documentation on the massacre, “he concludes.

The massacre in the station

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the other massacre, the one in the Bologna station. “The moment I am sent, it will always be a pleasure – assures Fico -. Everything will depend on how it will be organized the commemoration of the victims of the massacre in the station. We’ll see. Physically or with soul I will always be there, “assures the President of the Chamber.

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