Use: Jackson statue attacked, tensions in the White House – North America


Moments of confusion and fear, in the Italian night, in front of the White House. Demonstrators tried to bring down the statue of Andrew Jackson, the American president responsible for the so-called ‘path of tears’ (the forced deportation of Native Americans from their lands), the idol of Donald Trump. The intervention of the police is immediate: to try to calm the minds the police use pepper spray against the 150-200 demonstrators present and form a cord to protect the statue and the White House.

The Jackson statue is located in Lafayette Square, near the presidential building, from which the Secret Service brought out all the journalists. By singing “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Andrew Jackson’s got to go” (must leave) the demonstrators tied the statue with ropes with the aim of bringing it down. A strong gesture, a few steps from the president’s residence that pushes the police to make a determined intervention: helicopters begin to fly over the area while field agents try to stop the demonstrators. The Jackson statue is one of the targets of anger from protesters who have been invading American streets for nearly a month to protest George Floyd’s death on May 25. Many other statues scattered throughout the United States have already been targeted. The last in chronological order is that of Teddy Roosevelt that the New York Museum of Natural History will remove from its entrance in front of Central Park. Controversy for days also overwhelm the statues of southern general Robert Lee and that of Christopher Columbus, considered symbols of racism and the colonial past.


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