USA, Trump convinced of the fraud on the vote by mail: “Millions of ballots printed abroad”


For weeks he has thrown himself against the vote by post, convinced that he can penalize him at the next November elections while the surveys they give it 12 points behind the dem rival Joe Biden. The US president Donald Trump, back from the flop rally of Tulsa where he was mocked by a boycott mass online, increase the dose with an angry tweet: “Rigged 2020 elections: millions of postal ballot papers will be printed by foreign states and others. It will be scandal of our times “.

Accompany his tweet with a link from Breitbart – information site of racist and far-right tendencies – where the US Justice Minister, William Barr, he says he is concerned that public confidence in the integrity of the elections may be undermined by several factors, including the censorship of voices conservative, the risk fraud tied to the vote for correspondence adopted by various states and the danger that “a foreign country may print tens of thousands of counterfeit cards”. In the latter case, he explains, “it would be very difficult for us to identify what the card right and the wrong one. ”

To trigger the possibility of an appeal in recent months massif to the postal vote for the presidential November was the pandemic of coronavirus, who overwhelmed him United States causing more than 120 thousand deaths and over 2.3 million infections. A reason that the president considers insufficient to give up the traditional vote on the seats: “We voted during the before and the second World War without problems, but now they are using COVID-19 to cheat, ”he writes in another tweet. And between one message and another on the site of microblogging it does not spare the enumerated stockpiled from its former security adviser, John Bolton, coming out with a vitriolic truth book right on Trump, that the White House has tried in every way to obstruct. Without succeeding.

“I gave a chance to John Bolton, which could never have been confirmed at Senate because it was considered a crazy and it was little appreciated – he wrote The Donald -. I’ve always been willing to listen to different points of view. It turned out clearly incompetent and a liar. Look at the opinion of the judge. Classified information, “he tweeted, referring to the fact that the position of National Security Advisor does not need to be confirmed by the vote of Senate, as it happens for most of the other important offices of the US administration. The president he also mentioned that, in giving the green light to the publication of the book by Bolton, the judge did though stigmatized the fact that it was distributed without the US administration’s security go-ahead.

Meanwhile, the former director, in an interview with Abc, stated that he will not vote for either candidate at elections and added: “In 2016 I voted for Trump and not for Hillary Clinton. Now having seen the president up close, I can’t do it again. My concern is for the country and he does not represent the republican cause that I support “.

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