USA, Supreme Court against Trump’s stop to ‘dreamers’: “He cannot close the program”


There Supreme Court it deliberated against the decision of the American president Donald Trump to close the program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca), which protects those who arrived in the United States as a child, known as ‘Dreamers’, and is illegally located in the country. The judges’ ruling stressed that “deportation (of children) must be avoided and kept” in the country. A slap in the face of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration policy. “The ruling is a shotgun shot in the face of Republicans, “commented the tycoon, while the former President of the United States said “happy” with the Supreme Court decision, Barack Obama, who also added: “Now let’s vote for Joe Biden in the November elections. ”

According to the ruling, the government did not give one adequate justification to end the federal program. The decision, taken by a majority of five against four, was written by the President of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, and was shared by the judges Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer is Sonia Sotomayor. Roberts, conservative in orientation, sided with the liberal judges of the Court as had happened last Monday, with the sentence with which he had expanded the protections against discrimination at work, explicitly extending them also to gay and transgender people.

If on the one hand the decision of the judges, triggered the wrath of Trump who called it “horrible and politically motivated”, on the other he also brought on the field the former President Obama, promoter of the program, who instead he is said very satisfied. “We can look different and come from anywhere, but what makes us American are our shared ideals – Obama said – Now we defend those ideals, we must elect a Democratic congress that does its job, that protects the Dreamers and finally creates a system that is truly worthy of this immigrant nation once and for all”. The new presidential candidate and former vice president also agree Joe Biden: the sentence “is a victory made possible by the courage and resilience of hundreds of thousands of dreamers they have refused to be ignored“, Promising that” as president I will work immediately to make permanent program by sending a bill to Congress on the first day of my administration. ”

The Daca program, which formally protect people fromexpulsion and at the same time allows them to work legally in the United States, it was born from an impasse on a global immigration bill between Congress and the administration of the former American president Barack Obama in 2012. The issue of immigration, however, is a central part of the election campaign of the current president for re-election. Less than eight months after taking office, the tycoon had announced, in September 2017, the decision to end the program. Civil rights groups, universities and democratically led states immediately did cause and the courts have suspended the administrative plan.

The National Security Department continued to process i renew Daca two years in two years: hundreds of thousands plan recipients continued to gain protections beyond the November elections until 2022. After the Supreme Court ruling, the Trump administration may try to end the Dreamers again, but it will do so in the middle of the election campaign to the presidential elections.

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