Usa: President of the Pelosi Chamber calls for the removal of Confederate statues in Washington


New York, 11 Jun 07:08 – (Nova Agency) – The President of the Federal Chamber of the United States, Nancy Pelosi – member of the Democratic Party – formally took a position alongside the movement that for some years now, and with renewed transport after the killing of African American George Floyd, on May 25 , asks and in several cases unilaterally removes all US statues and monuments representing personalities of the Confederate States of America: the seven states that between 1860 and 1861 proclaimed their secession from the US in response to the abolition of slavery . Yesterday, June 10, Pelosi requested via a note the removal of 11 statues depicting Confederate soldiers and officers, all exhibited as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection on Capitol Hill. Statuary Hall is a room close to the House of Representatives, where portraits and representations of the main historical personalities of the United States are exhibited.In a letter to the direction of the congressional committee that oversees the National Statuary Hall, Pelosi asks to “lead by example (…) by taking immediate measures to remove these 11 statues”. The request, which sends another signal of closeness to the protest movements taking place in the country since May 25, clashes with the opposition of the conservative US front, which believes the removal, and in several cases the demolition and vandalization of statues of historical characters – not only Confederate heroes, but also presidents like George Washington – part of an iconoclastic fury symptom of an authoritarian drift of American progressivism. Just yesterday, June 10, Trump spoke out against the renaming of a dozen US military barracks and bases named after personalities from the Confederation, as suggested instead by the secretary of defense, Mark Esper, and by the secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy. (Nys)

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