Usa, Nwabueze (Twice as good): “Atlanta will rebuild it ourselves”


ROME – “After these protests, people will continue to come together, to create mechanisms to help each other and to guarantee the safety of the community. We are trying to build a community, inspired by affection, which addresses poverty and hunger, the true origins of this crisis. We will do it ourselves, because one thing is clear: the police are not in the service of the community and we don’t need them“. Miliake Nwabueze speaks with the Dire agency.

Miliake Nwabueze

Born in Detroit 26 years ago from a family of Nigerian origin, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in the far south of the United States, for four. In the city she is the animator of community support organizations, such as Twice As Good and Southerners On New Ground. The interview takes place in the middle of one mobilization that has been going on for weeks in the United States. While the country was still attempting to recover from the assassination by a policeman of George Floyd, “in a climate of extreme tension,” recalls Nwabueze, another African American man was killed by an agent right in Atlanta, in the parking lot of a fast food, Wendy’s. Rayshard Brooks, 27, had drunk asleep in his car on Friday evening: he was hit by two pistol shots in the back after a scuffle while running away. The activist recalls that immediately a new mobilization started.

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“A friend of mine was also there on the scene, by chance, and he shared what was going on,” says Nwabueze: “In an instant, Wendy’s parking lot became the epicenter of the protests.” Nwabueze participated in demonstrations that affected much of the city on Saturday. “There was a garrison in front of the fast food restaurant, one in front of a police district and the freeway was even occupied” recalls the activist: “It is something that in Atlanta practically never happens because the police threaten to arrest anyone decide to do it. ”

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