Usa, Mississippi withdraws the Confederation symbol from its flag


Remove the Confederacy banner from the Mississippi flag. This was decided on Sunday evening by the local parliament of the American state, the last one left to preserve a memory of slavery.


Use, vote to remove the Confederate symbol from the Mississippi flag

The decision came after the wave of anti-racist demonstrations following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis which has shocked American public opinion and triggered a collective awareness that has also passed through the removal of statues of historical figures who have represented Southern, racist and segregationist philosophy.


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Until now the Mississippi flag had a banner on a red background, with a diagonal blue cross and small white stars, in memory of the Southern States that had opposed the abolition of slavery during the Secession War (1861-1865). Mississippi was the only state to have the Confederation’s emblem on the flag after neighboring Georgia also abandoned it in 2003.



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The law adopted on Sunday provides that a nine-member commission will create a new banner with the phrase “In God We Trust”, also present on American dollars, which must be approved by citizens of Mississippi. If it were rejected, the state would remain without a flag until a new one is approved.

The Democratic Senator from Mississippi, John Horhn, said the decision does not erase the past but “represents a big step forward” while the governor, Tate Reeves, who was not in favor of the flag debate, said that he will not use his right of veto and that he will promulgate the law. In 2001, the overwhelming majority of Mississippi had voted in favor of maintaining the current flag, considered by its supporters as a symbol of the historical legacy of the Southern United States.

An African American MP, Edward Blackmon, evoking the image of the flag flying over Jackson’s Parliament building, he said: “I guess many of us don’t even see it anymore, but many notice it every time they enter the building, and it’s not pleasant.”

Usa, Mississippi withdraws the Confederation symbol from its flag

Meanwhile, today Derek Chauvin, the white policeman blamed for the murder of George Floyd asphyxia, who died in Minneapolis on May 25, will appear before Judge Jeannice M. Reding of Hennepin County.

“Can you believe that the Lavative Democrats now want to remove the names of Woodrow Wilson and John Wayne? What idiocy,” so Trump commented on Princeton University’s decision to remove the ex-president’s name from the university’s policy center and of Orange County to eliminate the name of the American actor from the airport dedicated to him. It was the Democrats of the Californian County who presented the resolution in Los Angeles. The commercial port of Santa Ana was dedicated to John Wayne in 1971, the year of his death. Under accusation, some of his statements released in an interview with Playboy, in which he said he “believed in white suprematism” and “did not feel guilty that 5 or 6 generations ago these people were slaves”.

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