Usa, Columbus statues shot down and vandalized


Burned, smeared, torn up, beheaded: the iconoclastic fury, unleashed in America and in the rest of the world after the death of George Floyd, hit the statue of Christopher Columbus. After targeting the general historians of the Confederation, symbols of the slavery power of the South, the demonstrators of the United States took it with the Genoese navigator considered a Native American colonizer and exterminator and therefore unworthy of standing in a park. On Wednesday night, in Richmond Virginia, the two and a half meter tall figure of Columbus was shot down from his pedestal in a city park, burned and dragged with ropes to the nearby Byrd Park pond where he was thrown.

Graffiti were painted on the pedestal and the words “this land belongs to the Powhatans”, the name of the native population that inhabited Virginia, and “Columbus represents the genocide”.

The action took place after a new protest against the monument of Robert Lee, the leader of the southern army during the war of secession, who was also repudiated by his descendant who became a pastor, Robert Lee, who explained that monument prevents a change of mentality in the country. Columbus is also accused of curbing change. His historical figure has long been highly controversial in the United States because with his “discovery” he started the exploration and colonization of the Americas by Europeans with the consequent extermination of those who lived there.


Floyd deaths, via the statues of Confederate and racist heroes: removed the monument to General Lee and the Mayor of Philadelphia Rizzo

“This continent is built on the blood and bones of our ancestors – he said Vanessa Bolin, a member of the Richmond Indigenous Society, during yesterday’s demonstration – but also with the sweat, tears, blood and bones of the Africans. We are not here to hijack your movement – he added, addressing African Americans, we are here to be in solidarity “.

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It is not the first time that a statue of the Italian navigator has been vandalized in the United States: in 2019 red paint was thrown on the statues of Columbus in San Francisco and Providence, in Rhode Island. And many States in recent years have chosen to transform the national holiday, the famous Columbus Day, in which on 12 October the Italian navigator arrives in the Americas, in the Indigenous Peoples Day, the day of the indigenous peoples of America.In Boston, too, popular anger was thrown on a statue of Columbus that now dominates the park dedicated to him without the head that was beheaded in the night.

Usa, Columbus statues shot down and vandalized

The statue of Christopher Columbus burned in Richmond before being thrown into a pond

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