US protests, tear gas and horses on protesters, hand on the Bible: Trump between farce and tragedy


Around 6.30 pm, half an hour after the curfew imposed also in the capital, the president summoned the journalists, but to speak to the governors: stop the riots or get the army to intervene. Another legally questionable issue. The law invoked, the Insurrection Act, dates back to 1807. The president was Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the country, and that norm had been conceived by Congress exactly with the objective opposed to the interpretation that the councilors give today White House lawyers. And that is: the president cannot send federal troops unless the governors ask for it.

But not only this. The administration wanted to give a show of strength on live television. The commander in chief had the demonstrators blown away by resorting not only to tear gas, but to horses. The solemn visit in front of the Church of St. John, violated the night before by the arsonists.

The photo with the Bible, then the one with the smallest and most trusted circle of ministers and advisers: Barr (Justice), Esper (Defense), O’Brien (Security Council), Meadows (chief of Staff), McEnany (Communication) . We don’t know who wrote this script. Surely everyone who was there shared it, perhaps thinking of participating in an epic undertaking. Part of the public has felt reassured. Others, however, will have thought of a farce. But tragic.

June 2, 2020 (change June 2, 2020 | 5:27 pm)


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