US protests, police overwhelmed. Videos of the Bronx and Buffalo clashes. New York, a week of curfew


The protests for the death of George Floyd continue to inflame the United States. Numerous cities are overwhelmed by clashes and looting and in some cases they register episodes of violence towards the police. From New York to Las Vegas and Buffalo, the videos document attacks that sometimes appear to be premeditated. Emblematic of the situation is the fact that in the Big Apple Mayor Bill De Blasio has decided to extend the curfew until Sunday. One of the most impressive videos was shot in New York.

He’s just a fucking cop: the comment that can be heard in the background as chilling as the images of an agent rushed to the place of a looting hit by a black SUV that starts from a standstill with the obvious goal of hitting him. It is the sixth night of devastation and looting in America and violence is also beginning to turn against agents, with intentions that appear to be murders. The most shocking scene comes from 170th street, in the Bronx: the police car arrives at an intersection, in front of a shop invaded by vandals. While two agents cross the street, an SUV stopped in the second row suddenly starts. One policeman has time to avoid, the other is hit in full and flies away like a puppet. I will be admitted to Bellvue Hospital: serious but not life threatening. The comment, a woman’s voice, probably from the same person who made the shot. the angry voice of one of many who are accepting violence against the police as a form of struggle or as mere revenge.

The episodes are multiplying: an agent hit by a bullet to the head while trying to disperse a violent demonstration in Las Vegas, in front of the Circus casino: in critical condition. A policeman in New York beaten wildly by fleeing looters while trying to stop them without weapons in hand. And then other off-road vehicles that deliberately run over agents who try to block them in Buffalo and, again, in New York. The episode in the metropolis is also striking because it takes place in one of the most elegant and quiet areas of Manhattan, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Eighth Street, between buildings where many professors from nearby New York University live: a police van stops by traverse on the road to block an SUV on which the looters just got out of a devastated shop. As soon as he gets out of the vehicle, a policeman is overwhelmed by the off-road vehicle.

Attacks on the police are multiplying and Fox, the conservative TV network, meticulously reports them, with emphasis. Cnn and Msnbc, the progressive networks, instead try to underline especially the episodes in which peaceful demonstrators, during the day, try to oppose the infiltrated criminals by shielding their bodies in front of the windows that the rebels would like to break. In Louisville, peaceful demonstrators shielded an isolated policeman who was about to be overwhelmed by the rioters. Unfortunately, however, images of nocturnal violence prevail over those of good daytime will.

The gravity of the situation told effectively by the measure announced by New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, who has decided to extend the curfew in the Big Apple throughout the week, where the police arrested 700 people on Monday. We will not tolerate violence in any form. says De Blasio, asking the leaders of the individual communities to act and contribute to maintaining calm. The first citizen therefore announces that the curfew in the city will last for the rest of the week, until Sunday 7 June: scattered every evening at 20.00 until 5 the next morning. We don’t need and don’t want the National Guard. When there are external forces, the result is never good, added De Blasio, rejecting Donald Trump’s offer. De Blasio claims that the National Guard is not trained to tame civilian tensions.

Donald Trump’s latest release will not help to cheer up the climate . The president on twitter attacked New York state governor Democrat Andrew Cuomo head-on. Yesterday was a bad day for the Cuomo brothers. New York has lost with looters, criminals, the radical left and all other forms of scum. The governor refuses to accept my offer to send the National Guard and New York has been torn apart. Likewise, Fredo’s quotations have fallen by 50% !.

Joe Biden was remotely placed in Trump, his Democratic challenger for the presidency: He part of the problem, has turned America into a battlefield he said speaking in Philadelphia in a rally. and his words “when the looting begins, the gunfire begins” is not from a president but from a racist police chief in Miami in the 1960s. And speaking of George Floyd’s death he said it was an electric shock for all of us.

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