US polls: “Biden leads 6 states in the balance”. 92% of African Americans with Dem. Trump: “False data. Corrupted media gone crazy”



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The former vice president and democratic candidate Joe Biden does not detach the current president of the United States Donald Trump only on the national vote for the White House, but advances in six states usually hovering, the so-called ‘Battleground States’, with a margin of at least six points and an average of nine: according to the survey New York Times / Siena College I’m Michigan (+ 11%), Wisconsin (+ 11%), Pennsylvania (+ 10%), Florida (+ 6%), Arizona (+ 7%) e North Carolina (+ 9%), States where the tycoon won in 2016. Among the supporters, practically all the colored electorate. According to the poll of the Washington Post-Ipsos, the support of African Americans towards the former vice president is unanimous: 92% will vote Biden against the 5% who will prefer Trump. And after the publication of the new surveys, the tycoon back to the attack: “Le fake news and i false polls they have never done worse than this. THE corrupt media they went crazy! ”he wrote on Twitter.


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Another setback for the tycoon unemployment data: after winning the credit for having dropped the unemployment at historic lows, especially among African Americans, Trump was strongly contradicted by the analysis of the Department of Labor which he recorded last week 1.48 million people who applied for subsidy in the United States.

Surveys – Only half of Biden’s supporters, according to the analysis of Washington Post-Ipsos, he says he will vote for the Democrat because he actually supports him, while the other will only do it for “Oppose Trump”. In fact, 90% of African American voters believe that the president did not deal with the murder of George Floyd in the best way, like 76% for the protest movement, while the tycoon himself said he was “the president who has done more for African Americans since Abraham Lincoln“.

The former vice president arouses little enthusiasm among young people and only 87% of older voters consider him sympathetic to the problems of the African American community, the percentage drops to 66% among voters under 40. The fact that Biden can choose one African American woman at his side as vice in case of victory is now taken for granted: for 50% this would be very or quite important, for 49% it would not be.

The November elections are increasingly expected after weeks of mobilization against the police violence and the institutionalized racism: Three out of four African American voters are “absolutely certain of voting”, with 71% who believe that the results of the elections will have “great importance” for them. If these numbers seem to indicate then a strong turnout of African American voters – as happened for both elections won by Barack Obama – in many, especially among the youngest, they will have different difficulties: an African American voter under 40 out of five is not registered in the electoral rolls, while over nine out of ten are among the oldest voters.

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