US on fire, protests are spreading: Trump closed in White House bunker after the siege


Secret service agents brought the president Donald Trump in a bunker in the White House Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the residence, some throwing stones and breaking through police barricades. The President of the United States spent nearly an hour in the bunker, designed for use in emergency situations such as terrorist attacks, according to a Republican near the White House who was not allowed to publicly discuss private matters and spoke with the l ‘Associated Press on condition of anonymity. The episode was confirmed by an administrative officer who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

Friday’s protests were triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after being stuck in the neck by a white police officer from Minneapolis. The demonstrations in Washington have become violent and seem to have taken service men by surprise, triggering one of the highest alarms on the White House complex since the attacks of 11 September 2001.
“The White House does not comment on the protocols and security decisions,” said the spokesman Judd Deere.

THE PROTESTS – The protests and riots following the death of African American George Floyd do not stop. Over 30 cities involved in the United States, more than 2,400 people arrested and hundreds injured since the start of the demonstrations. The curfew has been extended to 25 cities in 16 states. The worst toll is recorded in Indianapolis, where there are at least two deaths in the shootings between Saturday and Sunday. The president of the United States Donald Trump points the finger first at the movement Antifa, accusing him of “terrorism”, then against the “boring and old” media that “do everything to foment hatred and anarchy”. News media reported incidents across the country where both police forces and groups of demonstrators were allegedly infiltrated by extremist movements to raise the bar and fuel violence. On the fifth day of protests, the tension between law enforcement and protesters it is growing all over the country and the unrest becomes more violent. TO
Minneapolis agents charged protesters by throwing tear gas and stun grenades. TO New York City a police SUV was launched against a crowd overwhelming a barricade. The 27-second video travels the world while the mayor’s daughter is arrested in the riots of the Big Apple Bill De Blasio. In Jacksonville, Florida, a policeman is stabbed in the neck while others are injured by the throwing of stones and bricks.

Tension also rises against journalists. A reporter from the Huffington Post, Chris Mathias, was taken into police custody and then released, as was already the case for the CNN correspondent. “The United States of America will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization,” US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, accusing the anti-racist and anti-capitalist movement opposing the white supremacists. Instead, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz points the finger at well-coordinated “outside groups” who have come from outside to put Minneapolis on fire. Walz brought as evidence the “sophisticated” cyber attack on state computers that took place before law enforcement officers took action to quell protests.

In addition to shops and barracks, the demonstrators also targeted the Confederate monuments, symbols of the slavery of the southern states. Numerous statues were smeared and vandalized. The protest also came overseas Germany, to Berlin, is in the UK. Despite the ban on gathering for the pandemic of COVID-19, to London hundreds of people, departing from Trafalgar Square, marched in shouting “Black Lives Matter”.

THE ACCUSATIONS – While the volunteers cleaned up the cities and collected the broken pieces of the shop windows, a crowd gathered in Minneapolis in the corner where George Floyd was killed to lay a wreath. The protests, they explained, will not subside until justice is done. The protesters call for the arrest and prosecution of the other three agents who in addition to Derek Chauvin, took part in the arrest of the African American and that spilled on his body in a video released by CNN. The Floyd family lawyer, Ben Crump, he asked to aggravate the charge against Chauvin, charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. “It was premeditated,” explained Crump to CBS and the videos and audios available to investigators “prove it”, “it is first-degree murder.” Floyd’s brother Philonise also called for justice, who called the interview he had with Trump “fast”, “he didn’t even give me the opportunity to speak,” he told mSNBC, reporting that the president did not want to listen to him.

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