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Google took its step into the bluetooth headset market with the Pixel Buds series released in April of this year. Unfortunately, users have complained about some problems related to calls and audio. Google has now recognized these problems and has promised that a solution will come soon.

Like Google’s first TWS headsets, the second generation Pixel Buds have definitely left their mark between their price and convenient integration with Google’s services and apps. For some users, however, the earphones are unusable due to bugs and anomalies in the audio output.

Google Pixel Buds, some problems will be resolved soon

There have been many complaints and negative reviews on the Internet that reported hearing whistles when playing audio and some static sounds. Others also mentioned sudden disconnections during calls. Fortunately, these rumors caught the attention of Google who decided to act quickly and solve these problems.

A new update, code 296, is about to be released immediately to resolve the static audio problem. Those who suffered from call interruptions, however, will still have to wait a few more weeks. Other promised fixes will include a faster automatic connection when the earbuds lose connection to a device.

It is hoped that these updates will solve the weaknesses of the Pixel Bud 2020, but other problems, such as the lack of active noise cancellation or battery life, can only be solved with a new model. While Pixel Buds’ design and Google Assistant integration make it an attractive product, this may not be enough to convince many to spend a figure of around $ 180.

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