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Ecobonus 110 also for the second house and for the hotels and extension until 2022 of the 110% bonus in revival decree. They are the latest news on tax deduction for the eco-bonus contained in an amendment of the Pd to the former May decree. Let’s see what they are the latest news on the eco-bonus 110 percent, also remembering how the 110 percent eco-bonus works or restructuring 110 percent is for which you work is allowed.

The eco-bonus 110, or the 110% deduction for the renovation of your home with interventions that involve energy efficiency or a reduction in seismic risk, will be extended to the whole of 2022 and also to an audience of beneficiaries that also include the second homes, hotels and sports facilities. This is the content of an amendment signed by the majority at revival decree 2020 which contains the article on new bonus 110.

Ecobonus 110 for the second home

L’ecobonus 110% will be valid for the second home always and when it comes to non-luxury second homes. The 110 percent bonus will result a 110% deduction in the case of interventions involving condominiums, but also detached houses, without the distinction present in the first version of the decree on the eco-bonus 110.

According to the latest news of the revival decree on the eco-bonus 110%, the deduction for the renovation works will also be sports facilities and hotels.

How the 110% bonus works

Let’s see how the 110 percent bonus or 110% bonus works. According to the eco-bonus amendment, the bonus 110 will apply to all the expenses incurred. from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2022 to be divided into five equal annual installments.

There 110% deduction on renovations it will apply to taxpayers’ first and second homes, as long as they are not luxury homes, villas, castles or those goods classified in categories A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9.

Beneficiaries of the 110% eco-bonus

But who will be the beneficiaries of the 110% ecobonus according to the news on the superbonus for the restructuring contained in the amendment to the revival decree?

Beneficiaries of the 110% eco-bonus they will be

  • the first and second single-family houses and condominiums
  • tourist facilities (such as hotels and residences provided that the owners are managers of the business),
  • non-commercial entities, including those belonging to the third sector and religious ones,
  • properties used for the activity of nonprofit parity school,
  • assets deriving from real estate assets disposed of by publicly owned companies and those of amateur sports clubs and associations.

Ecobonus 110 for air conditioners

The eco-bonus 110 provides that the replacement of cexisting winter filing with heating systems, cooling or the supply of heat pump domestic hot water can be carried out on all buildings that are not condominiums. In addition, the 110% deduction for these works of the eco-bonus could have a spending limit of 30 thousand euros for each real estate unit.

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