unlocking the camera reveals many easter eggs


Returning from PT’s horror map, the youtuber Shesez flew ideally to the island of Animal Crossing New Horizons to hunt for secrets and Easter eggs during the last episode of the now famous Boundary Break series of video insights.

The content creator took advantage of all the graphic stratagems available to him to unlock the New Horizons camera, freely modifying the shot in the hope, in doing so, of discovering the contents hidden from the view of the users by the developers led by Aya Kyogoku.

The video packaged by Shesez really is full of surprises, especially as regards the easter egg and the “residues” of the development process hidden within the polygonal models that enrich the landscape. Of particular interest are the analyzes of the stratagems adopted by Nintendo to optimize the gaming experience, for example with invisible walls strategically placed in the outdoor areas and in the internal scenarios of the houses (especially in the museum) that avoid weighing down the graphics engine.

Before leaving to the video of the new episode of Boundary Break, we remind you that in July it will be possible to try diving and diving in Animal Crossing New Horizons through the next update for free coming to Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, we advise you to read our guide and tricks to better enjoy the island.

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