United States prey to the violent? The left dismantles the police


The demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter have produced a result: some Democratic administrations of the States are cutting the funds to the majority police.

The battle is shouted between the American squares in these hours: for those who are protesting, the police must somehow be reformed. And among the measures that are proposed with more continuity by the demonstrators there is precisely that of cutting funds. Two companies have already joined the proposal: one is Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd died and from which the movement against “systemic racism” was unleashed; the other is New York, where the fact that public security is a deeply felt topic does not seem to represent an obstacle for the will of Mayor Bill De Blasio, who wants to proceed by approving himself to Jacob Frey, the first progressive citizen of the city located in Minnesota. It is possible, indeed very probable, that in the next few hours other administrators belonging to the party of Barack Obama and Joe Biden will choose to imitate De Blasio and Frey in their choices. Donald Trump, however, is strongly opposed to this kind of provisions: the Commander in Chief has already written a controversial tweet on these decisions.

According to what reported byAgi, the cuts made towards law enforcement departments will save the numbers, which Bill De Blasio a New York intends to divert in favor of youth policies. But the design of the democratic majority is more complex, and requires the adoption of a sort of comprehensive reform capable of profoundly reviewing the tasks carried out by the police in the city of the Big Apple. The same argument should also apply to Minneapolis. In relation to this second case, it is worth mentioning the declarations of the majority of Minneapolis, which have also been traced to theHuffington Post: “The target – said a member of the Dem majority – is to reform it and to rebuild together with our whole community a new public safety model that truly guarantees everyone’s safety “.

What is taking place is also an idealistic clash between two opposing views of the management of public affairs. For Republicans, internal security, therefore law enforcement, are essential priorities. Democrats apparently think differently. It will be a hot topic that will accompany the United States towards the presidential election in November. The cuts do not necessarily have concrete effects on people’s real lives.

In the meantime, the “riots” continue to affect the stars and stripes states. The big demonstration in Washington two days ago was not the last. But what is the perception that Americans have of what is happening? Will cuts to the police affect the events of the next few days? Much of this story revolves around the thinking of the voters. The Americans, in a few months, will be called upon to choose between Trump’s reconfirmation and Biden’s victory.

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