United States of America 27-year-old killed in Atlanta, cops accused


Protests continue in the United States against racism and intolerance. After the events in Minneapolis, which led to the death of George Floyd, another African American in Atlanta lost his life after a scuffle with the police.

Anti-racist protests continue in America (Getty Images)

Rayshard Brooks, another name on the African American victim list. The United States continues to be at the center of news and global protests because of the events that have recently taken place in Minneapolis, but (as someone, including the director, had already said Spike Lee) the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers is only a drop in the mare magnum of abuses of power that are committed in the USA (and not only, the director underlined). History repeats itself therefore the historical courses and appeals this time hit 27-year-old Brooks “Guilty” only of sleeping in the middle of a parking lot.

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A heated confrontation resulted from the heated confrontation with the police the agents to shoot the boy three shots in the back who, of course, was killed. This umpteenth, unpleasant episode led to the resignation of the Atlanta police chief (where the wrongdoing took place) Erika Shields. While Garrett Rolfe, the one who opened fire on the boy, was fired. Colleague Davin Bronsan, who was involved in the affair, was transferred to office work.

USA, more protests and clashes with the police

Protests continue in the USA (Getty Images)
Protests continue in the USA (Getty Images)

Too little for the hundreds of thousands of people who are not only pouring into the streets in America. African Americans demanding justice and equal social dignity, especially before the law: a clear signal against the abuse in uniform and the racism that reigns in different stars and stripes communities. Clashes, protests, broken glass and firecrackers. Every day since George Floyd he left us, in the United States there is the risk of an urban guerrilla war. The climax of the brutalities would have occurred in front of the chain restaurant Wendy’s Atlanta where Rayshard Brooks lost his life.

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The protests are largely peaceful, but in certain areas despair lends itself alongside violence: the desperate cry of an ethnic minority hit in the heart it results in exasperated and sometimes out of control reactions. To put a stop to all this seems impossible, while from the palaces of power they ask order is discipline.

Without evidently not realizing that the acts of these weeks are the children of these two components which, judging by the voices of the square, on more than one occasion they failed precisely by those who should have guaranteed them. Atlanta is Minneapolis closely linked by the coercion of authorities which are probably no longer recognized as such.

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