Union strike, report: plexiglass call center solution, 10 students per class and 100 thousand new teachers. Extraordinary competition for titles



Unions on strike throughout Italy, in Rome a garrison before the Ministry of Education. The first images arrive. Follow our direct

They took advantage of the Coronavirus, because we could not take to the streets. Plexiglass call center solution

Not only Covid-19, let’s not forget teacher contract renewal and ATA

September is coming, but we have no indications on how to open. Not more than 10 pupils per class

It takes an additional staff to decrease pupils per class


To start again in September it takes resources



Piazza plebiscito, Naples

Reasons for the strike

The reasons for the strike were disclosed by the unions in a unitary note:

  • no availability compared to the request for a strengthening of the staff of the teaching staff and ATA
  • ensure strict compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class in the presence of pupils with disabilities,
  • review at least in this emergency the parameters for the sizing of educational institutions,
  • provide for the safety of buildings,
  • promote regulatory changes that take the school managers away from improper responsibility for the maintenance of buildings, increase FUN resources for management,
  • provide for a competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA.

Added to this is the failure to start the extraordinary competition that would have led the precarious workers to 36 years of service. Modified procedure in the school decree that postponed the operations in September.

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