Under, Rome and Naples negotiate: a 30 million deal


ROME – Initially, let’s do a few weeks ago, the speech was roughly the following: Milik for Under, with an adjustment to be established in coté. Yes, down there. But then things changed for everyone, why are Arek starting to count o’s? erect and looking with some attention towards other panoramas, and above all Rome has felt safer under the front Dzeko. Okay, goodbye and thank you? Well, not really: in the sense that the blue club continues to be interested in Cengiz the Turkish, 22 years of talent in search of continuity, above all of performance, which Rome evaluates 30 million euros. Basically: football has changed and things have changed, too Naples is carefully studying the after-Callejon and on the list where they’ve been camping for a while now Boga be Everton has also entered, and circled, Under. Right-wing things: serious.

Callejon remains until August 31st

The value

So, the negotiation. The second, potential, within a year: 2019 was the year of Manolas in blue and Diawara in the yellow and red, while now, after a round of the calendar, the question has taken on the appearance of an outsider who Gattuso would see very well in his trident. On the right, we said: the kingdom of Under this is it and the blows are noteworthy, there is little else to add, while the evaluation of Roma is still to be studied. That is: the starting request is 30 million euros, especially considering that twenty percent, and therefore 6 million, are allocated to Basaksehir by way of share already agreed on the future resale. It is arithmetic, you don’t run away, but the calculations will have to come back for everyone: including Naples.

Rome, banners against Baldini and De Sanctis

The parameters

The first speech, when the will not to renew and change the air began to emerge clearly, also involved Milik; then, turnaround conditioned also by the future of Dzeko and go. But partial: everyone likes Cengiz, from Giuntoli to Rino, and then from the height of his 23 years to be accomplished on July 14th he is considered absolutely palatable for the usual parameters of the club. Salary included: he has a salary of 1.8 million per season and a contract expiring in 2023. Among other things, he now knows the Italian championship well and above all he also has some international experience, Champions included. You will see, the contacts are started but certainly not defined. […]

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Smalling away in August, Roma now risk

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